destielgasms asked: U KNOW WHAT


now i’m scared.

I’M GOING TO BED REI TTYL. tomorrow-ish hopefully. i have friday off so yay /o/

destielgasms asked: nah im not gonna come to that community cos u r an assbutt TAKE THAT

but… what did i do? ;A;

destielgasms asked: you didnt tell me about force community dude ;____;

now i’m telling you

it’s a new community on the moon

the place is awesome. there’s internet 24/7 and you won’t have to deal with electricity shortage any more. the weather is great and there’s NO TRAFFIC.

you should get over here stat. we’re gonna have loads of fun together xD


in the force community. I already told you that :/

Y U No believe me? ;__;

destielgasms asked: im gonna spam ur assbox i mean askbox answer meeeeeeee

rei please don’t. I know what you’re thinking but please i don’t want to trouble you. i love you babe and i know you love me (you do, don’t you?) and that’s more than enough for me <3333333333333333

destielgasms asked: selvvvvv i wanted to ask you if your address is the same you gave me last year

No. I moved out a month ago. Now I’m living in a new community called “the force”. It’s a new colony on the moon that has around 500 inhabitants so far. Maybe you can join us someday love <3

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